We are the representative for poly based cover material solutions in the Baltic states, Scandinavia and Russia.

The main product within our materials product range –
is a special composting cover material called Respira.

Respira is a direct competitor for well known Gore Cover materials.

The main features of the Respira cover are water resistance, UV-resistance and air permeability inside out.
Those features make the Respira material ideal for covering windrow type composting solutions.

The covers are manufactured to the customer specific needs on measurement and usage applications.
A ready made cover features:

  • The Respira base material for main covering area
    (base material comes in a 3m wide and 100m long roll)
  • PVC edges (color choice) stitched to the Respira material, up to 1 m wide
  • Armor Net top/base layer (extra strength and extra UV-resistance feature)
  • Straps, perforated holes, other required options for operating


Reduces odors:
A precise permeability to the air and moisture steam, assures that the unwanted odors remain at a minimum.
Since odors are reduced in 90-97% there is no need of installing any additional odor control system.

Stops pathogens:
The micro-pore structure of the cover material main membrane is a physical barrier against pathogens.
Numerous microbiological tests have proved that microbes can be reduced more than 99 %.
This way, workplaces remain protected and safe.

Exercises control:
The cover material and covering of the windrows, establishes an enclosed environment to protect the biological process from rain,
cold, heat and wind, and to keep a perfect environment for microorganisms and for the composting process.

Accelerates the process:
The accelerated process increases production in more than 100-200% compared to plain open heaps process.

Long duration:
Covers are resistant to external factors of weather, and come with warranty for UV-resistance and life span of the material.


In cooperation with our partners, we can help to plan, design, execute, help to find financing trough EU and build complete composting plants.


Supply of Compost covers

In June 2016, we have delivered total of 600m2 of pre-fabricated compost covers to a municipal waste recycling company

Pre-Fabricated Cover material to landfill

In May 2016, we have delivered Respira material based cover to an Estonian recycling company, The cover supplied, was part of the Composting processes certification requirements. Our covers are CE certified and have helped the Recycling Company to become certified for selling the compost.

You can also vvisit our Compost Covers Website for more information: